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Never let anyone's misconception of you, become your perception of self.

Hi, I'm Munroe and I'm a model and social activist.

I believe passionately in inclusivity for all, no matter your race, ability, religious beliefs, sexuality or gender identity. I believe we should always stand up for what we believe in and call out acts of injustice when we encounter them. Only in this way can we become a better and happier society.

I happen to be mixed-race and transgender. I was assigned male at birth, but never felt comfortable with that label. Adolescence was confusing for me and at 24, finally, I began identifying outwardly as female. This was an incredibly freeing time for me and the start of my transitional journey - one that I accept will never fully conclude itself.

I dedicate my time to pushing forward and educating others on race and identity. I regularly speak on panels around the world and I recently made my first documentary for Channel 4: What Makes A Woman?. I'm also never too far from a fashion shoot or catwalk - I LOVE to model and fashion is a huge passion of mine.

This is version 1 of my website and I hope to be able to develop this into a place to house all my current projects both in broadcasting and fashion as well as creating a hub for my activism and eventually a platform for young people to express themselves without judgement.

I hope that by sharing my story and being as open and candid as possible, I can help others who are going through similar experiences themselves.

Lots of love,
Munroe x

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She's a powerful and unstoppable force and the world should take notice. Teen Vogue



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